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Contact Info:
Phone: 602-291-0608
Website: austinburnsmx.com
Email: mxracer141@aol.com

Age: 19

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5'9"

Class:  Professional 250 Lites Supercross and Motocross

Current Ride: 2013 Honda CRF250

Mechanic: Max Turner

Trainer: J. Whipple

School: Paradise Valley Community College with a GPA of 3.5

Hobbies: Golfing, mountain biking

My History:

My name is Austin Burns and I started racing BMX at the age of 4 and at 8 I started riding motocross.  I have spent most of my life traveling the country with my family, racing in different formats, local, Regional and National, and have had great success in doing so. I have finished off what I feel has been a successful amateur career and am looking forward to racing in the professional supercross and motocross ranks. My goals are to continue with that success by racing as many motocross races as possible.  My ultimate goal is to be a top ten contender in the 2013 supercross and motocross series as a rookie.


My 2013 Racing Goals: 
I have trained hard for several years and have used the experience and exposure to poise myself for a great 2013 season including indoor and outdoor National level competitions. I have shown what hard practice, training and great support can do and will continue with the support of my 2013 sponsors. I plan on racing the lites supercross and motocross series and using my skills and sponsors to achieve my goals in my rookie season.
2012 Highlights:
Ponca City:
       250 A 1st overall
       450 A 1st overall
       250 Pro Sport 1st overall
       450 Pro Sport 1st overall  
Loretta Lynns:
        250 A moto scores 8,4,4 4th overall
        Open Pro Sport moto scores 4,4,DNF 16th overall  
World Mini Grand Prix:
        250 Stock Pro 2nd overall
        450 Mod Pro 3rd overall
        450 Stock Pro 6th overall
        250 Mod Pro 8th overall
2011 Highlights:
Ponca Results:
  250 4-stroke non-pro - 1st overall
  450 4-stroke non-pro - 3rd overall
  450 stock intermediate - 3rd overall
  250 modified intermediate - 4th overall
Loretta Lynn's Results:
  Collegeboy b/c - moto scores 2,2,DNS - 25th
  450 B mod - moto scores 2,DNF,DNS - 38th
Honey Lake Area Qualifier
  450 B Stock - 2nd overall
  450 B Mod - 2nd overall
  250 B Stock - 3rd overall
  250 B Mod - 3rd overall
  College boy - 1st overall
World Mini Grand Prix
  4th place in 450 four stroke non-pro
California Gold Cup
  250 Intermediate - 1st place

  450 Intermediate - 1st place
  Schoolboy - 1st place
2010 Highlights:
Loretta Lynn's Amateur National - TN
  10th overall - 250 Mod Intermediate

  12th overall - Schoolboy 2 14-16
Ponca City national - Ponca City - OK
  3rd overall - 250 Mod Intermediate

   3rd overall - 250 Stock Intermediate
   4th overall - 250 4-stroke Open Non-pro
   5th overall - Schoolboy thru 17
  Loretta Qualifier - Thunder Valley in Lakewood, CO 
    2nd overall - 250 B Stock 
    1st overall - 250 B Mod 
    1st overall - Schoolboy 2 
6th Annual Amateur Open of Motocross - Arizona Cycle Park
   1st overall - 250 Mod Intermediate 
   3rd overall - 250 stock Intermediate-
   1st overall - Schoolboy 12-17 stock
   1st overall - Schoolboy 12-17 mod
   1st overall - Mid size open non-pro
  Southwest Regional - Competitive Edge, CA
   4th overall - 250 B Mod
   7th overall - Schoolboy 2
39th Annual World Mini - Grand Prix Mesquite Mx Park in Mesquite, NV   
    4th place - 250 stock intermediate
    4th place - 250 mod intermediate
    5th place - 250 four stroke open non-pro 
    7th place - 250 schoolboy 12-16
  South Central Regional - Freestone County Raceway, TX
2nd overall - Schoolboy

2009 Highlights:
World Mini   250 four-stroke non-pro   6th  
World Mini   125 two-stroke non-pro   9th  
World Mini   Schoolboy   11th  
World Mini   250 Intermediate Mod   12th  
Ponca City   125 two-stroke   5th  
Ponca City   250 intermediate stock   8th  
Ponca City    250 four stroke open non-pro   10th  
Loretta Lynn's   Schoolboy 2   16th  
Loretta Lynn's   Schoolboy 1   11th  
Dodge Amateur National   250 stock intermediate   4th  
Dodge Amateur National   125 two-stroke intermediate   1st  
Dodge Amateur National   Schoolboy Mod   4th  
Dodge Amateur National   Schoolboy Stock   2nd  
AZ Amateur Open 250 Mod Intermediate 1st
AZ Amateur Open   Schoolboy 12-17 stock   1st  
AZ Amateur Open   Schoolboy 12-17 mod   1st  
AZ Amateur Open   Mid size open non-pro   1st  
AZ Amateur Open   250 stock Intermediate   3rd  
2008 Highlights:
World Mini                              125 Novice Mod                      3rd
Loretta Lynn's                         Schoolboy 1 (12-15)                26th
loretta Lynn's                          Schoolboy 2 (14-16)                20th
Dodge Amateur National           125 2-stroke intermediate        4th
Dodge Amateur National           125 Intermediate Mod             12th
Dodge Amateur National           Schoolboy Stock                     10th
AZ Amateur Open                    Schoolboy Stock   &n bsp;        9th
AZ Amateur Open                    Schoolboy Mod                        5th
AZ Amateur Open                    125 Intermediate Mod              5th
AZ Amateur Open                    125 Intermediate Stock            5th
AZ Amateur Open                    250 Four Stroke Open non-pro   4th

2006 Highlights and National Accomplishments:

AZ Amateur Open                    85cc Stock                               3rd

AZ Amateur Open                    85cc Mod                                3rd

AZ Amateur Open                    Supermini                                 9th

BooKoo Arena Cross                85cc Open                               5th

CMC Ponca Qualifier                85cc Stock                               1st

CMC Ponca Qualifier                85cc Mod                                1st

CMC Ponca Qualifier                Supermini                                 1st

Loretta Lynn Qualifier              85cc Stock                               2nd

Loretta Lynn Qualifier              85cc Mod                                2nd

CAL Gold Cup                         85cc Open                               1st

CAL Gold Cup                         85cc Stock                               3rd

CAL Gold Cup                         Supermini                                 4th

Suzuki Amateur National          85cc Stock                               2nd

Suzuki Amateur National          Supermini                                 4th


2007 Highlight and National Accomplishments:

AZ Amateur Open                    Mid-size stock novice               2nd

AZ Amateur Open                    Mid-size mod novice                1st

AZ Amateur Open                    Mid-size stock 12-17               5th

AZ Amateur Open                    Mid-size mod 12-17                 6th

Dodge Amateur National          250 Novice stock                     2nd

Dodge Amateur National          250 Novice mod                      2nd


Affiliations: NMA, AMA, CMC, AMX,


Thank you,

Austin Burns #141

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